WBS FBA Service

Amazon has a large number of rules and regulations regarding the packing, labeling and shipping of goods – and these rules are strictly adhered to.  Goods which are incorrectly packaged or labeled or not compliant in any way will often be rejected by Amazon’s FBA warehouses.  Often, this can mean that the package is returned to the supplier and the seller then has to repeat the entire process – including the cost.  Using a professional company more or less guarantees that your packages will be compliant and, will therefore be accepted by Amazon without any fuss.

There are many instances where the seller is not in the same geographical location as the source of the products and so will often not even see the product before it is dispatched to the FBA warehouse.  WBS FBA Service will ensure that the product is correctly packaged and labeled before it is shipped to the warehouse, saving time and hassle for the seller.

As an Amazon FBA seller, your business is only as good as the product you sell.  Broken goods and damaged packaging can quickly result in damage to your reputation as buyers leave negative reviews on your pages.

Around 15% of all orders from Amazon are returned in some territories and, the biggest reason for these returns tends to be due to damaged or faulty goods being received.  To gain a reputation as a respected and trusted Amazon seller, you need to make sure that every order is compliant and packaged securely and correctly in order to ensure it arrives safe and sound.

WBS who provide a number of services to Amazon FBA sellers.  These services include:

  • Inspection of shipments to ensure that they are Amazon compliant.
  • Packaging of shipments.
  • Labelling of shipments.
  • Product sorting
  • Product photography
  • Packing of product into poly bags
  • Shipment forwarding

WBS - Wholesale Bestsellers product purchase comes with a help of FBA Services with small extra charge. Let us know how we can help you with your Prime Amazon bestsellers products.